The Royals have been another big suprise this year.  My friend and I always fight over who are better, the Cardinals or the Royals.  This year i havent had much to say because they are on fire.  With good run support and great pitching they have started out great.  I dont think it will last because i dont know how much depth they have with young players but in a few years they might be a team to watch out for.  Does anyone remember the Tigers losing 119 games in 2003?  Watch out.

6-2 Where did that come from?

At the begining of the season many counted the Cardinals out.  Even before the first day of Spring Training they were thought to have no pitching and weak bats.  Well they were wrong so far.  With people like Ludwick, Ankiel, and Schumaker getting off to hot starts.  But, the real suprise is the pitching.  With Mulder and Carpenter starting on the DL many thought we were just headed for trouble but once again they were wrong with quality starts from many of our starters watch out for the Cardinals when they get Mulder and Carp back.  I think that the Cardinals have a good chance to take the sometimes weak Central Division.